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January 4, 2010

Chris Lumb

TEC Edmonton now has a new CEO. It has lured Micralyne boss Chris Lumb into its operation.
Lumb has a proven record in growing a startup company into a thriving corporation.
TEC Edmonton is a joint venture between Edmonton Economic Development Corporation and the University of Alberta to commercialize high tech discoveries. √


TEC Edmonton Searches for New CEO

November 27, 2009

Pamela Freeman

Now that David Cox has left TEC Edmonton for a new post at Radient Technologies, TEC Edmonton is looking for a new CEO to take his place.
And, according to Pamela Freeman, the interim CEO, TEC Edmonton is looking for a very special leader. “That person would have experience working in the private sector… public markets, private markets, to raise capital for companies… and will also have a very strong and effective way of working with our research community. So we have retained a recruitment firm to help us find someone who can help take TEC Edmonton to the next level where we continue to expand our programs and services that reach out to the entrepreneurial community, for those who have a technology who wish to develop a company and that can also interact effectively with our University community.”
Freeman says TEC Edmonton is continuing to build on three very successful years under Cox’s leadership. New programs include TEC Source which provides free consults to technology based companies. And there’s the new regional alliance which sees five Edmonton incubators collaborating to provide “one-stop shopping” for entrepreneurs and inventors.