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Edmonton tech community stronger than London’s?

January 9, 2009

You’d think when it’s -20 Celsius that nobody would show up to a tech event in Edmonton, but that’s not the case. The Edmonton tech community showed that a little freezing weather isn’t going to stop it from coming out to see what other Edmonton tech community members are creating.

The crowd was a little smaller than normal, but there were still around 70 people that showed up for the presentations, and nearly as many that showed up for the beer, chicken wings and discussion at a nearby pub afterwards.

I had a very interesting discussion with a new friend who is quite new to Edmonton. Most recently she’d been in London, England. I met her at another tech community Meetup the night before and she was blown away by the attendance at Democamp 5 in Edmonton.

Having a look at the signup page it’s a little deceiving. I know that a lot of people are using the Facebook event to indicate whether they’re going to attend, and then there are those people who just show up. No matter, the more the merrier!

My new friend was shocked by the attendance. She said she’d attended Democamps in London, England, and the attendance wasn’t much higher than in Edmonton! Just goes to show how strong, committed and engaged the Edmonton tech community is!

Considering that the population of Edmonton is 752,000 with a metropolitan area of 1,082,000, that’s pretty good. You’d think that London, with a population of nearly eight million, could muster substantially more people for a tech community gathering. My friend said the room was about the same size and there weren’t many more people.

Alberta’s economy is still one of the strongest in the world, despite the negative economic winds blowing. The Edmonton tech community isn’t stopping for a little bad news.

Angel investors might be wise to check out some of the Edmonton tech events. It’s wise to get in early and see the companies that are continuing to develop their products and will be leading the charge when the economy inevitably turns around.

It won’t be long before the economy is rolling along well everywhere again and don’t be surprised if the Edmonton tech community has higher tech event attendance than places like London or Toronto.