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Edmonton is more than Oil and Gas

October 28, 2008



For quite some time now, Edmonton’s technology sectors have been making national headlines.  Just recently, DataGardens was selected as one of Canada’s Top Ten Technology Competition winners.  This news came as a delighted shock to president and CEO of DataGardens, Geoff Hayward.


DataGardens will be showcasing its Syntropy hardware across North America.  Syntropy, the latest in innovation, provides companies with the ability to develop a computer network without having to store and maintain several servers.  In fact, with the use of Syntropy companies can move their computers from branch to branch on a moments notice via the network.  This ground-breaking innovation provides a real-world solution to an age old problem that has yet to be addressed until now.


Since 2007 DataGardens has been able to secure three million dollars in financing that will help move the WAVE technology out of its pilot stage.  Geoff Hayward believes that, just like past winners, more venture capital opportunities will soon become available.  


DataGardens is just one of the many companies belonging to the Edmonton technology sector that is putting Edmonton on the global market.