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Edmonton’s Technology Community: Using Social Media to Raise Awareness

October 29, 2008

Edmonton, AB—Edmontonians magazine is partnering with FusedLogic to raise the profile of the Edmonton technology community and its companies and prove how effective use of social media can positively impact businesses.

Edmontonians, a monthly business publication serving the Capital Region, recently kicked off its Visionaries —Insight, Innovation, Ingenuity project with the goal of increasing awareness of advancements in the research, the technology and life sciences sectors. It is sponsored by the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) and the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT).

“Edmonton has a vibrant, thriving technology community that really flies under the radar,” said Sharon MacLean, Edmontonians publisher.

“We felt that partnering with an experienced social media strategy company like FusedLogic would be a great way to increase the awareness of Edmonton technology and life sciences businesses using cutting edge social media tools and strategy.”

Awareness of social media in the business world is growing, but using it effectively isn’t so obvious, which is why Edmontonians decided to team up with FusedLogic.

“In this two-month pilot project our plan is to use a variety of social media tools in unique ways,” said Walter Schwabe, chief evolution officer of FusedLogic.

“Using our three-step process of research, strategy and implementation, I’m confident we’ll be successful in developing a social media strategy to increase the profile of the Greater Edmonton tech community in Alberta and abroad.”

In addition to the social media strategy component of the Visionaries project, Edmontonians publishes profiles and briefs showcasing local innovators, their discoveries and their products. Schwabe’s column on social media appears monthly.

“Edmonton has an amazing variety of successful technology companies that get no attention and we’re hoping to change that with our Visionaries project,” said MacLean.

There are numerous organizations—including Edmonton Economic Development, NAIT, the Alberta Research Council, the Alberta Health Industry Alliance and the Alberta Council of Technologies—that are committed to incubating, supporting and/or commercializing the growth of technology and life sciences companies in Edmonton, MacLean added.

About: FusedLogic & Edmontonians
FusedLogic is a social media strategy firm based in Sherwood Park, Alberta and has been in operation since 2000. Edmontonians is a monthly magazine known for being “the personality of business in the Capital Region”. It began publishing in 1989.


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Edmonton is more than Oil and Gas

October 28, 2008



For quite some time now, Edmonton’s technology sectors have been making national headlines.  Just recently, DataGardens was selected as one of Canada’s Top Ten Technology Competition winners.  This news came as a delighted shock to president and CEO of DataGardens, Geoff Hayward.


DataGardens will be showcasing its Syntropy hardware across North America.  Syntropy, the latest in innovation, provides companies with the ability to develop a computer network without having to store and maintain several servers.  In fact, with the use of Syntropy companies can move their computers from branch to branch on a moments notice via the network.  This ground-breaking innovation provides a real-world solution to an age old problem that has yet to be addressed until now.


Since 2007 DataGardens has been able to secure three million dollars in financing that will help move the WAVE technology out of its pilot stage.  Geoff Hayward believes that, just like past winners, more venture capital opportunities will soon become available.  


DataGardens is just one of the many companies belonging to the Edmonton technology sector that is putting Edmonton on the global market.    

Investors are Seeking Safe and Practical Investment Opportunities

October 26, 2008





Recently Edmonton was named one of the 21 Smartest Communities in the world by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF).   Yet the technology and life science sectors of Edmonton seem to have fallen below the radars of many economic strategists in the past.  However, in the state of the current economic crisis facing the world today, along with the commitment of Edmontonians Visionaries and Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC), more and more economic strategists are becoming aware of the financial and investment potential of Edmonton. 


Raising this awareness, Edmontonians Visionaries has an eighteen year history of promoting the economic and social energy of Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  Publisher of Edmontonians, a monthly publication aimed toward the commerce leaders and individuals of the community, Edmontonians strives to develop effective mediums that promote the commerce aspect of Edmonton.  Also raising awareness and owned by the city of Edmonton, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation (EEDC) is a non-profit organization responsible for many things, including the economic development of Edmonton.  But what exactly are these two institutions promoting?   


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), a prestigious technology institute, is an investors’ paradise.  Northern Alberta Institute of Technology has been noted for its many achievements, including creating and operating Canada’s first commercially operated fuel cell, providing the institution with 8% of their energy needs.  And more green products and programs at NAIT are underway that are expected to save the institution over $100,000 a year per program in energy costs. 


NAIT is active in twenty-three countries and is currently serving as one of Alberta, Canada’s top thirty-five employers.  They pride themselves in having a 95% graduate placement rating, as well as a 98% employer satisfaction rating.  In short, NAIT possesses the necessary resources as well as the potential to develop new energy technology that the world so desperately needs.


More about NAIT and other Edmonton investment possibilities coming in future posts.