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Online research easier with SemantiFind

November 20, 2008

An underlying problem with researching online is actually finding useful websites. Often researchers have to sift through page after page of Google results before they can even find one article that comes close to what they are looking for. Even the term “Google Search” brings up 122,000,000 results. How is that possible?


It’s possible because search engines use algorithms to search for key words rather than the meaning of those keywords. So if a website has the words ‘Google’ or ‘Search’ within it, the search engine produces that web page as a result, even if it has absolutely no significance to you.


SemantiFind, eliminates that ambiguity. SemantiFind is a plug-in that sits on top of Google and refines and personalizes your searching experience. By marking the pages you find useful, SemantiFind begins to understand your preferences and will, with time, produce meaningful websites.


In addition, SemantiFind eliminates the categories, sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories of bookmarks. With SemantiFind you are able to mark a web site and return to it time and again with ease. And we all know that while the theory of bookmarks is genius, the practicality of its application is leaves something to be desired.


So what are you waiting for? Learn how to operate SemantiFind in 90 seconds.


Angel Investors say, “Out with the Old, in with the New.”

November 20, 2008

In 2007 the angel investment market experienced a growth in investment activity, according to the Center for Venture Research. However, it is noted that angel investors are taking a more cautious approach to investing. But a cautious approach does not necessarily mean that investors are not looking for the “new.” According to the CVR, investors have a preference for new rather than follow-on investments.

So when Bruce Johnson released Semanti, a search tool that sets on top of Google to enhance and personalize the searching process, angel investors took notice. It was the dream angel investor scenario. After all, larger corporations such as Google are already a favorite of angels by providing them with a sense of stability. And Semanti brought out the new that so many angels are seeking. But what does new really mean?

It has been common in the past for angel investors to remain fairly close to their investments in order to maintain a hands on approach in the decision making process. But with all the innovations coming out of Edmonton, angels are beginning to realize that being close to their investment is nothing more than an “old” theory that now no longer applies.

A Start-Up Business YouTube?

November 7, 2008

It seems that in the state of the current economy more and more cities like Edmonton are seeking new ways to promote their young entrepreneurs and technology sectors. Just recently we discovered some striking similarities between the technology sectors of Edmonton and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

It seems that young entrepreneurs are beginning to find success in promoting and raising awareness of start-up businesses in areas that are not technically considered hubs of entrepreneurship.

Case in point, promotes start-up businesses in the Milwaukee area and the country. The owners, Ryan Graves and Blake Samic share between themselves a wealth of information technology experience that could launch their website into the next “YouTube” for start-up businesses. In a sense, their site could become a popular source for young entrepreneurs and investors to gather and share information through the use of video and other sources of technology. But will they succeed?

When Bruce Johnson released Semanti, a brilliant search technology that sets on top of Google to personalize the searching experience, he probably never would have guessed the level of the technology’s current success. Though Graves and Samic do have a long way to go before they can consider themselves as being the next start-up YouTube or even as successful as Bruce Johnson, the potential is definitely there, and just as Semanti’s potential was recognized and marketed, so too will the idea of these two young entrepreneurs.

It serves as a reminder to all social networkers, young entrepreneurs and investors alike that we’re just scratching the surface when it comes to ideas. New ideas are developing and will continue to develop in our current economic crisis, and as Edmontonians Visionaries often discovers, technology is always at the heart of those developments.