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Innovotech receives green light for sale of bioFILM PA™ test

September 2, 2009

Dr. Wolfgang Muhs, chairman of Innovotech, Dr. Robert Rennie, Melanie, Ken Boutilier, president of Innovotech, Dr. Neil Brown, Dr. Merle Olson, researchdirector at Innovotech

In June, writer Greg Gazin interviewed Ken Boutilier, president and CEO of Innovotech Inc. for the July issue of Edmontonians. The focus of the article was the company’s breakthrough test that allows doctors to more accurately identify the right antibiotics required to treat serious, chronic infections that are biofilm based. Since at least 80 per cent of infections in the developed world are caused by biofilms, the development of bioFILM PA™ is of immense significance to the medical community.
Chronic infections place a major cost burden on the health system. Patients spend more time in hospitals, antibiotic costs and treatment costs increase as more aggressive treatment options are explored, and the potential always exists for these infections to cause death.
Now, bioFILM PA™ has shown very positive results in selecting proper antibiotic treatment for serious lung infections in patients with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a population recognized as having among the most life threatening lung infections. Clinical research of bioFILM PA™ shows how the test can provide guidance to doctors on the right antibiotics to treat infections in a biofilm state. The University of Alberta Hospital laboratory, under the direction of Dr. Robert Rennie, site chief of Laboratory Medicine, and Dr. Neil Brown, director of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic, conducted the clinical research from 2007 to 2009.
The clinical research involved 14 patients with cystic fibrosis at the University of Alberta hospital CF clinic. The patients ranged from 9 to 51 years of age. One patient was receiving intravenous antibiotics for a lung infection but continued to decline in health and lung function. The same antibiotics had been used for an earlier infection and had been successful. The patient was hospitalized, the antibiotics were changed, but the patient continued to decline. Using the bioFILM PA™ kit as guidance, an additional antibiotic not normally used in CF lung infections was added. The patient responded to the treatment, was discharged and is still symptom free after more than one year.
In another case, a patient was on a lung transplant waiting list, and was receiving oral and inhaled antibiotics, but showed a continuous decline in health and lung function. The doctors admitted the patient to hospital in an attempt to stabilize the patient prior to transplantation. A bioFILM PA™ test was ordered and consequently a new combination of antibiotics was administered. The lung transplant was conducted successfully and the patient has been symptom free for more than two years.
At a news conference at the end of July, it was announced that bioFILM PA™ has received regulatory approval by Health Canada and is available for sale in Canada. It has also met all current standards of the Clinical Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI) for reproducibility and consistency. Among those in attendance was Melanie, a young CF patient who had been part of the clinical trial and responded to treatment following the bioFILM PA™ test.
A further clinical evaluation of bioFILM PA™ on more than 200 CF patients is now underway at the Hospital for Sick Children and St. Michaels Hospital in Toronto. √

~ Barb Deters