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MacEwan BlogCamp – A first for Canada!

May 4, 2009

101How does a post-secondary institute open the door to social media for the first time?

Well, if you’re Jana Clarke, marketing manager for the MacEwan School of Business you go big, which is exactly how it should be.

First item on the list is to shoot an interesting and funny video webisode series with local acting and directing talent. The webisodes are entitled Mike and Lenny—Mike played by Richard Meen of MacEwan commercials fame and Lenny played by Donovan Workun of Atomic Improv. They tell a story about choosing a career in business and how the first step should be to consider Management Studies at MacEwan. Amid all the excitement, the day wouldn’t have been complete without a personal appearance by “Mike and Lenny,” and the guys didn’t disappoint. Mike and Lenny was directed by Jeremy Chugg of Brainstorm Productions and, through this process, I’ve come to better appreciate how the mind of a professional director works. Jeremy is a talented guy and he has a tough job. To see his work, search Google for Mike and Lenny, you’ll find all three episodes ready to roll.

My team at fusedlogic worked collaboratively with the entire marketing department at the MacEwan School of Business to plan out a great social media event called BlogCamp. This would accomplish a number of key objectives, not all of which I can go into here. However, BlogCamp definitely served to get students involved… after all, they know what it’s like to struggle with choosing a post-secondary institution. Who better to take the MacEwan school spirit message to the social web than existing students? Leading up to the event, fusedlogic provided no less than 12 hours of on-site social media instruction, not only for students but also for faculty, administration and BlogCamp sponsors such as the guys from Sonic 102.9FM. We covered blogging, Twitter, Facebook and numerous other tools and platforms.

One of the difficult things about this project was scheduling: Unfortunately, April 3rd ended up being right in the middle of mid-term exams for much of the School of Business. Despite that, Joe Difabio of MacEwan’s Commerce Club was instrumental in getting students involved as participants and volunteers. So we worked extra hard to get contestants who would be willing to blog for nine hours straight. What we ended up with was a group of talented and dedicated bloggers who exceeded our expectations. If these contestants were not typing, they were on the phone to friends for votes and support. During the event I had the privilege of chatting with contestants, sponsors and audience members who were on-site and the feedback was positive. The gang at Segway Canada (located in West Edmonton Mall) said they had a great time. Segway’s rock—I was surprised at how easy and how much fun they are to ride. The Ranch Roadhouse folks came out with their fun tunnel and there was never a shortage of students who wanted a chance to grab the Ranch bucks. See all the goings-on at

The entire MacEwan School of Business can be proud of the fact that they broke new social media ground with BlogCamp. Until that day, a social media event of this type and in this format has never been done in Canada. Just search “blogcamp, Canada” if you don’t believe me. √