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Crime-stopping pays for Contré

May 25, 2009


It reads like a Hollywood screenplay.

After joining the military at 17 and traveling the globe, soft-spoken and mild mannered Stephane Contré from Quebec City becomes a beat cop in Ottawa. His hobby is tinkering with technology and caressing computer code to help him to do his job better. One day, it will enable authorities to fight crime in a way no one really thought possible: to predict when and where it would happen… and to stop it before it occurs.

After three years in our nation’s capital, Contré finds himself deep in North Central Africa, in the Republic of Chad. He is many time zones away from Canada’s House of Parliament and even farther away from his wife Tia. She has returned to her hometown, Edmonton, where the couple met when he was posted at Griesbach with the Military Airborne School.

In Chad, Contré is a security advisor for EnCana Corp. on an oil and gas exploration project, mitigating security issues. He recalls, “This is where things started to percolate… looking to see where and when things might occur. I was looking for more attributes within the criminal space that would lead to better forecasting and allow us to better manage our security forces.”

Two years later—and before things really get off the ground—he faces another challenge: His position abruptly comes to an end.

Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise. Contré is over 11,000km away from his wife… it’s “a 32-hour flight”… they see each other every 35 days.
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