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New Lead on Detecting Breast Cancer

February 26, 2010

Dr. Barry Barclay

Given the current epidemic of breast cancer, wouldn’t it be great to have an early detection system?
Molecular biologist Dr. Barry Barclay, CEO of Planet Biotechnologies Inc, believes he may have stumbled upon a genetic mechanism that could lead to exactly that.
After he read an article on genetic damage related to breast cancer and a particular gene—the TYMS gene—he realized there were connections to the research he had conducted for many years on the TYMS gene. The location of interest is on Chromosome 18.
As Dr. Barclay explains, “It took me about five years to try to figure out a potential mechanism that would throw a switch that would cause a tumour. And not only does it initiate the tumour, but the structures that are generated during the episode of the switch not functioning well, themselves become tumour drivers. So once you turn the switch, it stays permanently in the position. What causes it to be dis-regulated are the factors that we know are the risk factors in breast carcinogenesis. There are environmental factors. There are nutritional factors, and there are genomic factors.”
Dr. Barclay has presented his findings at two international scientific meetings and will soon publish an article on his research. √