Wheat Straw Panel Board Houses for China’s Earthquake Zone

Boewer Besseling

New homes in China’s earthquake zone will now be made from wheat straw instead of bricks and cement.
A Dutch company has licenced technology developed by the Alberta Research Council to make wheat straw panel board—OSSB or oriented straw strandboard—for the Chinese market.
According to architect Boewer Besseling of Panel Board Holdings, the wheat straw panels are superior for this earthquake zone since they are framed with light gauge steel.
Says Besseling, “First of all, the buildings are all made out of concrete and bricks. And the quality of these bricks and concrete is a little bit less than what we are used to in Europe and also in Canada. So if there is an earthquake, there is a big possibility that it just cracks because it is not flexible, and it comes down. Unfortunately, that happened a lot last year during the earthquake. And this light gauge steel is more flexible, so it can withstand an earthquake much better than concrete and bricks. And together with our OSSB, which we can use like a bracing element, it stands better in earthquakes than what they have right now.”
The wheat straw panel boards also offer an environmental break for China. ARC’s forest products technologist Wayne Wasylciw says the OSSB panel boards make use of straw that in China would otherwise be burned. They also save agricultural land from being dug up for clay to make bricks. √

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3 Comments on “Wheat Straw Panel Board Houses for China’s Earthquake Zone”

  1. toga galat Says:

    realy a nice innovation it helps for various uses
    fantastic product and affordable straw panel.

  2. Dawn Roadhouse Says:

    Interested in using ossb for the inside of a greenhouse. Where can I buy them in Edmonton?

  3. Marcel Says:

    For Europe istraw imports this panels since early 2014

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