Radient Technologies Leaves Lotus Land for Edmonton

Dr. David Cox

Dr. David Cox

Radient Technologies Inc has pulled up stakes and is moving from Vancouver to Edmonton.
This is good news for the Edmonton’s biotechnology sector which has experienced some tough times over the past few months.
Radient has commercialized technology first developed by Environment Canada for use in environmental remediation. Called a microwave assisted solvent extraction process, it also has applications in other areas including flavourings, herbs, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and biochemicals.
An investment of $5.5 million from AVAC, Foragen and Agriculture, and Agrifood Canada will boost Radient’s marketing efforts.
And the man leading that charge is Dr. David Cox. He was lured from his position as the head of TEC Edmonton to become the new CEO of Radient.
According to Dr. Cox, “It’s a business exercise in understanding the market. We have a nice problem. The problem is there are so many things that you can do with this technology. so many problems that you can solve, we’re spoiled for choice. And if we’re not careful, we can get distracted on too many interesting things rather than the necessary few. So job one is to understand the global market for this kind of application and then target those companies where the Radient solution will be transformative for them. And they don’t know that they need us yet. It’s my job to show them how they need us.”
Cox expects Radient will achieve this growth through licensing its technology to other companies and by manufacturing its own products.

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